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Finding the right person for the job is a tough gig.

Hiring the wrong person? Even tougher.

The average job opening attracts 250 resumes, and takes 42 days to fill, so it’s no surprise that many Hiring Managers find the process overwhelming.

Our pre-employment Prevue assessments help remove the guesswork and speed up the process by giving organisations insights into traits, behaviours, skills, goals, preferences, and more. By the end, you’ll know candidates better than they know themselves!

When a candidate completes an assessment, you’ll receive comprehensive reports with easy-to-read results that you can use in interviews and reference checks.

Hire cool people who love what they do.


Are you looking for a problem solver? A tech-whiz? A wordsmith? Discover a candidate’s way with numbers, language, and spaces, with insights into how each would affect the persons job-fit.


Use this assessment to find out if the role aligns with your candidate’s goals, interests, and preferences. Discover what floats their boat, what makes it sink, and work out if they'd be a good match.


Learn about potential behaviour. How will Aaron go handling difficult clients? Is Emily organised enough for an admin role? Uncover hidden potential with answers to your biggest questions.

Get the Suite

Grab the full suite to get the full picture (and save money by buying all three assessments together). This way, you’re more prepared for what lies ahead, not only in the hiring process, but for the long-term as well.


Have you heard about our Applicant Tracking?


It’s a powerful hiring tool which organises candidate info in one central location, and automates 90% of the hiring process.

  • Advertise on multiple job boards.
  • Manage resumes in one place.
  • Sort candidates with shortlists.
  • Communicate efficiently with mass emails.