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For more than ten years we’ve seen first-hand the hiring challenges, headaches, and roadblocks employers face.

Zeker exist to simplify the hiring process and prevent the pain of ‘bad’ hires. We
use a combination of Pre-Employment Assessments and advanced Applicant Tracking to give companies, like yours, insight on what’s beneath the surface of every candidate.

It’s all about finding the best person for the job and helping you make informed decisions — backed by our innovative approach — so you hire right the first time.

Discover things you never knew you never knew.
Manage and track candidate data in one place.

The hiring procedure can be a real drag…

We know. That’s why we started Zeker.


We saw an opportunity to provide real improvements to the hiring process — for everyone. These improvements remove the hassle for Hiring Managers and empower them to hire objectively, so they don’t have to rely on gut-feel.

We also want to make the process easy and enjoyable for candidates, so they have a great experience with your company, even if they don’t end up landing the job. And if they do get the gig, you’re in luck — 15% of new employees work harder in new positions when they’ve had a positive hiring experience!

We’ll never love you and leave you.

Because we’ve been in senior management roles ourselves, we provide the support you actually want.


We’re here to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit from our hiring solutions, and will work with you to make sure you’re a pro when it comes to using and understanding them.