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Interviews can only tell you so much.

We can tell you the rest.

You’re hiring, again. You’ve sifted through resumes, conducted interviews, called references, and found the perfect fit. So, how come they didn’t work out?

For over 10 years, we’ve seen the challenges Hiring Managers face when it comes to finding and keeping great staff — challenges that stem from a lack of information during the hiring process. Zeker help organisations, like yours, get the full picture by laying out that missing ‘something’. How do we do it? Through our tried and tested suite of Prevue assessments.

Get the inside scoop.

Get insights on a candidate’s ability to work with numbers, words, shapes, and general data.
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Unpack what drives a candidate with info on their interests, career goals, and working styles.
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Learn about potential behaviours and find out how candidates might act in different situations, and why.
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Our assessments reveal skills, traits, behaviour, and preferences, so you can make an informed hiring decision.
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Remove the guesswork.

Gut-feel is out.


Resumes and interviews only paint a part of the picture, so a lot of the time, organisations are hiring (or not hiring) on ‘gut feel’. Hiring needs to be more than that — even bad apples look good on the outside. Some of the time, that gut-instinct may be right, but wouldn’t it be good to know for sure?

Science is in.


We know what you’re thinking — “oh great, here comes the confusing science jargon”. Nope. We just want to say our assessments are based on years of research, and the science behind them is pretty cool (if we do say so ourselves). We’ve done the hard work for you, so you can back up your gut-feel with science.

Find your perfect match.

Yep, it’s that easy.


There’s no such thing as a ‘bad candidate’, it’s just about matching the right person, to the right job, at the right company. That’s what we’re all about. With pre-employment assessments, you’ve got everything you need to make an informed decision and hire perfectly the first time.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Discover things you never knew you never knew.

Applicant Tracking

Manage and track candidate data in one place.