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We’ve done the research, and it turns out that someone being a ‘bad fit’ is the number one reason candidates don’t work out.


It’s a nightmare for organisations, and not great for the candidate either. We’re here to stop that from happening, so everyone wins.

Hiring Managers


Pre-Employment Assessments give employers the lowdown on candidate aptitude, personality, and motivations, with a range of insights on each. You can use the results to determine the best fit and remove the fear of ‘bad hires’ for good. The result? An awesome team member, matched to your business, who loves what they do.

Job Seekers


You want a job that you love; your potential employer wants you to love it, too (that’s why they’ve engaged us). Our assessments are all about pairing you with the right job, at the right company, with the right culture. You’ll get personal insights, discover strengths, and learn how to maximise the different areas that make you, you.

Here’s what we’re looking at

The Job


Identify your benchmarks. What is it you’re actually looking for? What are the characteristics and skills that would make someone shine in this role?

The Person


Have candidates take Pre-Employment Assessments and discover where they sit against your personalised benchmarks.

The Fit


Get detailed info on behaviours, motivations, and abilities in the form of easy to read reports that outline how the job and the person line up, so you can hire intelligently.

Get the full picture and hire confidently.


Our assessments are powerful on their own, but when used together, provide a complete and genuine picture of every candidate. This ensures you only interview people with the greatest job-fit probability, and don’t accidentally rule out potential superstars.

You’ll get customised reports with targeted interview questions to use if you choose to move the person into the next phase of your hiring process. Basically, we’ve done all the hard work for you — all you need to do is review our easy to read reports and choose the best fit.

Hidden potential shouldn’t stay hidden.


TIME: 18 minutes

COVERS: General abilities, working with numbers, working with words, working with shapes.

Flair, knack, skill, gifts, genius — however you want to say it, the Aptitude Assessment is all about abilities and cognitive reasoning. With this 18-minute timed assessment, you could unveil aptitude qualities candidates may not even know they had.

Based around numeracy, linguistics, and spatial awareness, this measures how quickly a candidate will pick up concepts, learn, use, and retain information, solve problems, and more. Set benchmarks for each category, discover how candidate results compare to that benchmark, and how this could affect their job fit.

Get people who love to brag about their job.


TIME: 15 minutes

COVERS: Working with people, working with data, working with things.

To get the best match, you need someone whose abilities line up with the job. But, just because Jane writes a great email doesn’t mean she’s passionate about sitting behind a desk all day. The truth is, ability can be taught, but motivations are often set in stone. As such, people are most effective in the roles when the job aligns with their interests — not just ‘what they’re good at’.

Our Motivations Assessment outlines those interests, and give insights on passions, goals, values, and direction. When the job and candidate are in tune, they’re more likely to stick around for the long-haul, putting their best foot forward every day because they seriously love what they do.

We believe ‘spoiler alerts’ are a good thing.


TIME: 20 minutes

COVERS: Diplomacy – independency, spontaneity – conscientiousness, introversion – extroversion, emotional – stable, frank – social desirability.

It’s all too common — the person you hired on Friday isn’t the same person who rocks up on Monday. Just as knowing the plot points of a movie ahead of time can affect whether or not we see it, the Personality Assessment uncovers employment spoilers so Hiring Managers get the full picture in advance. No more suspenseful moments, unpredictable scenes, or disappointing endings. Just perfect hires.

Discover how a candidate might act in a certain situation, and why, and learn how about predicted behaviours. This assessment paints an authentic picture of the candidate, and the report also provides recommended interview questions for any areas you might be concerned about.

“By using Pre-Employment Assessments, we have experienced a positive effect on our hiring success rates. Zeker assist us in making quick hiring decisions and recruiting top talent. We get targeted questions to learn more about our potential candidates… Great HR tool!”



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