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The hiring process can be overwhelming.

It’s expensive, time consuming, and can be stressful for Hiring Managers.


You have to manage applicants, store resumes, send emails, phone referees, and that’s not even all of it. We understand the frustrations that come with the hiring process, and we’ve got a solution we’d like to run by you.

Zeker can equip you with the software you need to manage and track everything in-house, saving you time and money. It’s called Prevue APS Pro, and it has revolutionised the way organisations hire. This system also comes with the full Assessment suite.

Top tools and features.

Check out our fave five features.

Job Board Push

Expand your reach and spread the word by posting your ad to hundreds of job boards in one click — saving you time and money.

Branded Career Sites

Job Seekers can explore your branded career site on any device. The site makes your job posting more accessible than ever.

Online Applications

Streamline the application process with our unique two-step system. It’s easy for candidates to apply, and simple for you to access their applications.

Job Screening

Auto-filter candidates with your selected preliminary qualifying questions. You’ll only see candidates that align with the pre-requisites.

Easy Communication

Send out mass communications via text or email, manage conversations, give candidates updates on the status of their application, and more.

Here’s how it works.

Market the job.

It’s one of the most time-consuming parts of the process — let’s streamline it.

Write your job listing once, then post to multiple job boards with a single click. You’ll cast a much wider net, reaching thousands of people without having to post on each site individually. All postings are optimised for search engines and are mobile compatible.

  • Post to multiple job boards.
  • Post on social media platforms.
  • Give employees unique referral URLs they can send to their own networks.
  • Post to your internal website to hire from within your company.
  • Post to external websites.

Manage the candidates.

We’ve turned the ‘nightmare’ part of the hiring phase into a dream.

Customise application steps and rank applicants according to pre-set criteria. View candidate profiles, create shortlists, and send out mass communications to efficiently connect with candidates.

Our system also enables you to appoint multiple users within your organisation, with three different levels of access to choose from. Users can access info in the same place, and everyone can see what has happened at each step in the hiring process with a clear timeline.

  • Coordinate candidate info in one place.
  • Sort applications according to pre-set criteria.
  • Store resumes for the future.
  • Send out mass communications.
  • See a real-time timeline with all candidate interactions.
  • Appoint internal users so staff can collaborate.
  • Get reports with stats on the time it took to fill a role, number of incomplete applications, and more.

Match the two together.

Find a match where the job is great for the candidate and the candidate is great for the company.

Our automated, customisable system begins this matching process as soon as you post your job. It sifts through the mountain of information that comes in and pinpoints the top candidates using the criteria you’ve set.

This system comes with the full Assessment suite. After an applicant has completed the application, they’re asked to complete a Pre-Employment Assessment. Their results are compared to your job suitability benchmark, scored, and compiled into a report.

  • Set qualifying questions.
  • Utilise the full Pre-Employment Assessment Suite and get insights on candidate motivations, aptitude, and personality.
  • See where candidates sit amongst other applicants with our ranking system.
  • Get comprehensive reports that outline the top candidates so you can make an informed hiring decision.

“Applicant Tracking has allowed us to respond quicker to vacancies in our business. A key feature for us is the ability for multiple users in different areas of the business to access jobseeker information relevant to them, while maintaining confidentiality.”



Human Resources Manager

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